LucidLabel stands for the independent control over one’s honest mind as well as their dream world within. We believe that every woman is in complete control of her style and image. Even during periods of confusion and insanity. Or label identifies the independence within all women to change as they please. To be as they desire and live as they dream.

“A LucidLabel Woman Is Creative, Intelligent, Independent,
Confident & 
Unafraid To Express Her Individuality. She Is Strong With An Elegant Touch.”

The designer Joyce Li, was born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia. She completed her degree in fashion design at Sydney’s Raffles KvB institute of Design in 2007. In 2008, Joyce immersed herself in the fashion industry.

Joyce started work as a Design Co-ordinator for Frisoni Finetti, eventually being promoted to head designer at Nicola Finetti. Her years of experience in the fashion industry since graduating have shaped her style and approach. This gives her a strong mind and eye for trends, details and finishing. Joyce possesses a concise understanding of desire. She has transformed this interpretation into a collection that that adapts and suits to women of all shapes.

LucidLabel demonstrates a careful balance of fun femininity, stylish elegance, androgynous chic and professional sophistication. The collection features harmonious details, soft tailoring and drape, emphasis on unique and refined lines. This strikes an undeniably modern edge. The textile choice is highly selective resulting in a global standard production. A true testament to LucidLabel’s proactive approach to the deconstruction and interpretation of international trends. It remains faithful to understanding the needs of women today. The collection attempts to capture a demographic seeking to self-style. It allows freedom of expression while promoting the illusion of an escape from reality. LucidLabel  instills a sense of confidence and reaffirms a sense of self in all.