Press Overview

Lucid Label has been featured in the Sydney and Australian press.  In both magazines and website bogs. Some of the more well know Sydney fashion magazines are Marie Claire, Famous Magazine, Shop till you Drop & Instyle.

Some of the top bloggers who wrote about us are listed here. Sydney Fashion Blogger, Kris Forkani and Micah Gianneli. There is also Brittany Bloomer and Jess Marshall at Jasskaalee Blogger. Casey Burgess, Jade of Raw Edge and Lisa Hamilton from SeeWantShop.  Not forgetting Brittany Bloomer from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Label Inspiration 

LucidLabel stands for the independent control over one’s honest mind as well as their dream world within. LucidLabel believes that every woman is in complete control of her style and image, even during periods of insanity. It identifies the independence within all women to change as they please, be as they desire, and live and they dream.

Written by Melissa C Koh on Lucid Labels sporty inspiration.

Channeling some sportiness to today’s style inspiration from Lucid the Label. You know how they say that a “Dream is a wish that your heart makes”? There’s always a small unrevealed side of myself that I have yet to share, and that is my love for sporty outfits and fitness. I am soon-to-be embarking on a journey with a fitness centre but here’s just one to get myself into the mood.

I always take pride in looking my best because it helps me to feel my best- even when at the gym. Besides the Nikes that I’m always donned head-to-toe in at the gym, for after/pre gym outfits, you’ll see me in chic coordinates (sometimes fitting, sometimes loose fit) and this is one pretty good reference of something ideal.

I don’t leave the gym in my sweat pants and trainers because I rush off for meetings thereafter, and I don’t really like the straight on out-of-the-gym look.